Welcome to Ashwood, Minnesota with hard working cops and the civilians who complicate their cases and steal their hearts. But even a sleepy suburban city has some shady elements. Murders, bad cops, and powerful criminals work in the shadows.

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September 24th, 2020

If love and hate are two sides of the same coin, murder could be a flip away.

As prime suspect in her ex-husband’s disappearance, single mother Lorna Doyle longs to trust CJ, the sexy cop, but the only one way to protect her children from the thugs sniffing around is to keep her cheating ex’s secret.

Homicide detective CJ Whittier has an ex-wife, perpetually disappointed parents, and a dead body. Of the three, he prefers the dead body. His teenage daughter is the only good thing in his life, until Lorna.

With a high value stolen collectibles deal going down soon and a dead dealer in their quiet Minneapolis suburb, CJ rushes to find the victim’s silent partner before the killer does. He can’t shake the feeling there’s a connection between his murder victim and Lorna’s missing ex. His cop senses whisper Lorna’s hiding something. Is she the killer or the next victim?

With his head and heart at war, can he keep things professional while he seeks the truth?

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May 20, 2021

She didn’t want anyone’s help, but he didn’t give her a choice.
Twenty years after witnessing her brother’s death, pediatric psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Garcia returns to Minnesota to testify at his killer’s parole hearing. While home, she helps a family friend in need of a child advocate after a young boy witnesses a shooting.
The attraction she feels for the cop working the case, blindsides her. He chased danger as if it’s a game. Good thing she was leaving soon, or so she thought. Threats from her past resurface, putting her life in danger.
Detective Jim Swenson just wants to do his job without interruptions. So when Dr. Garcia inserts herself in his case, she becomes a sexy distraction. She has the body of a pinup model but represents the high society woman he swore off years ago.
But when someone takes an unhealthy interest in the lovely psychologist, his cop instincts kick in even though his heart screams, “Danger, danger! Proceed with caution.”